=Shin Chan makes my day ! = =He's so wonderfully hilarious and simply yum. And at his tiny age so smart at that .Whatever be my mood, the moment I tune on to him , I see his rotundly crafted pulpy face .I know for sure, it’s fun time to de-stress & forget the chaotic world around , with this cute dude. And then suddenly , it’s pure laughter and peace .No matter what we call him, he's the perfect package for tea time entertainment and undoubtedly, even for the Indian audience ,he's taken the show that far which probably no other comic or soap could reach, given the fun quotient . Also when u sit & phase through each & every element - Mitzi rearing 2 cute & naughty kids ,doing chores, cooking sumptuous meals , going shopping, Harry's demeanor towards her as the ultimate loving & dedicated husband , handing her over his entire salary & being at the mercy of her temper tantrums ,yet rarely bickering & in all other aspects tolerating her, despite her impatience & flaws, Shinchan's funny gigs, Himawari being molly coddled & her cute babbles, the timid Shiro (pet dog ) who gets rarely cuddled, yet being always loyal, overwhelming & adorable, kids playing in the green meadows , the serene neighborhoods, the nurturing school ambience & the close knit family like kinship between student-teachers – with all this on the move , one truly feels a longing to actually be a part of this family , or better, in the vicinity to experience it live. Delving in to the behavioral context, within these lovely anecdotes , we get amazing glimpses like- the courtesy to bow down & say ‘Sorry' to the offended , grownups always finding the right way to say what's on their mind to the other person , student-teacher bonding , are at its best. To add the sparkle – Mitzi is at her sweetest best with her neighbors, friends, distant family members ,& yeah , also Shin Chan’s pals ,wherein, its a blend of invitations, sweet requests, reminders , cajolery ,coy admittance, exchanging goodwill ,& staying in touch over phone gossips, door next conversations & casual chit chats with her close friends & neighbors at bistros & malls . She brings in a dash of humor ,while attempting to outsmart son & prank master Shinchan to keep his mouth shut by bribing him over a lip smacking meal or buying him snack packs just to ensure her hidden lifestyle purchases or secretly hoarded money go unreported to hubby. And to bang onto the bull , its mostly Shinchan or hubby Harry to get onto Mitzi’s nerves–& behold … her avatar transforms into a struggling prove point desperado .So, when the reigns are out of control ,our poor Mitzi resorts to breathing fire by loud mouthing, bickering with hub Harry, brandishing her infamous comic brutality of punching heads, thus giving balloon lumps over heads , and this easily gets one rolling into bouts of guffaws . = =While ,the love-respect -tact balance Mitzi uses to deal with her spouse , kids, neighbors, siblings , parents in laws & other family members is slightly skewed ,it make us collapse into a rows of chuckles, but with this ,it also rings into us the values of attachment, sentiments ,respect , love ,& above all the closeness conveyed to all the concerned. = =The personal rapport that Shinchan has sub consciously built with all, is worth accolades , albeit his sweet notorious antics .All the people who detest his presence & who he initially repels are the ones who miss him the most when he’s not around . The kind of imagination he & his playgroup possess & the camaraderie in the group is one of a kind and & proves the very reflective truth of how gigantic kid’s minds & emotions are, despite their little bodies. =

With all this & more episodes getting layered , Shin Chan is truly a revolutionary caricature that has influenced a major section of bubbling viewers grabbing eyeballs & roaring grins across the age bar ,right up from the small, teenagers, adults to the elderly. Absolutely well adapted to thrill the Indian audience , despite being strikingly diverse , as hailing from Japanese descent , with all their differences apart ,in the cultural & expressional context , Shin Chan clubs U directly with him ,into his skin & character . Not only this , all characters are unfailingly well chosen and their specific roles are aptly scripted . Kudos to the voiceover artists & the back music .The background music adds over its own charm- the morning serenity & flow of routine life (flute , symphony) , the serious note tune, Mitzi sensing ’sumthin-gone-wrong’-mode tune , the mischief monger Shinchan -on his prank mode tune ( thump stop music & a baffle tone ), the sinister plotting tune , the day end tune – as well as the start & end songs play their own sweet part to put you on the same page .All said & done, with ShinChan’s incessant pranks , the losses are cried foul over & the Nohara’s call it a day , finally. Like any other hectic day , the Nohara family assembles together over for their tea, dinner ,soup or dessert bringing the warmth around over to U .Soon the day next moves on…to wake up and see a naughtier ShinChan

Thanks to the creators of the show…they've brilliant work .I’ll vouch that everyone would love to cuddle Shin Chan & take the prank levels to the hightest altars. Lol .

=And of all the days , when I'm feelin down , I know what to watch next ... = =And that’s what makes it truly SHIn-LARIOUS J =

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