• Sonalika

    =Shin Chan makes my day ! = =He's so wonderfully hilarious and simply yum. And at his tiny age so smart at that .Whatever be my mood, the moment I tune on to him , I see his rotundly crafted pulpy face .I know for sure, it’s fun time to de-stress & forget the chaotic world around , with this cute dude. And then suddenly , it’s pure laughter and peace .No matter what we call him, he's the perfect package for tea time entertainment and undoubtedly, even for the Indian audience ,he's taken the show that far which probably no other comic or soap could reach, given the fun quotient . Also when u sit & phase through each & every element - Mitzi rearing 2 cute & naughty kids ,doing chores, cooking sumptuous meals , going shopping, Harry's demeano…

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