Shinchan has a small dog called shiro. He Found him in a box, In the Episode I found a puppy."'

He loves him but is too lazy to take him for a walk.

He once forgot to give Shiro food and later found out that Shiro goes to a young girl to get food. The young girl used to have a dog identical to Shiro.

Once he forgot Shiro in the park snd Masao took care of him. Thsn Masao gave Shiro to Bo Chan and Bo chan to Kazama. Kazama said to Shiro he likes him a lot and wants to keep him as a dog. Shiro also once stayed at Masao's house and also at an old lady's. Shiro is probbaly the most clever family Member in the Nohara's.

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was also able to talk in the movie 'Shinchan hygure rakshas vs Action Komen'. Nohara family often forgets to give him food, But he still loves him, and vice a versa.