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Shinchan is one of the main shows along with doraemon and kiteretsu on Hungama TV in India. The show is about the daily life of Shinchan, who creates trouble for his friends and family, by singing silly songs or by taking off his pants.

Shinchan Started in the '80s in japan and is still running new episodes, even through it's creator died on 11 September 2009. Shinchan likes watching a TV Show called Action Kamen which he belives to be true. This was proven in the Second Movie, Shinchan in Action Kamen vs Hayegure Rakshas, Revealing that there is a Parallel Universe where Action Kamen is a real person who travels between the worlds to either act in the show or save the world.

Shinchan is also incredibly Lucky, winning many Lucky Draws. In the first movie, Shinchan and The Treasures of Buri-Buri Kingdom, it was revealed that shinchan has a look-alike known as Prince Suchan and these two are the key to the treasure of Buri-Buri.

In the winters of 2008-2009, Shinchan was banned from television by parents due to adult jokes and kids getting bad manners. The result was that all adult jokes and scenes were either dubbed into other dialogues, removed or zoomed in. Due to this, many teens and kids were disappointed, but still shinchan was the most popular show on Hungama.


Buruburi DVD
Shinchan and The Treasures of Buri-Buri Kingdom

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Shinchan is the main character of Crayon Shinchan. He creates trouble for his friends, family and school staff. Read more...

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  • Did you know... That Shinchan found Shiro in a box?
  • Did you know... That Misty is scared of Haunted Houses?
  • Did you know... That Shinchan was orignally a Adult only Show?
  • Did you know... That Action Kamen is a real Hero?

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